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Our Services

Our Services

Security Surveillance Solutions is trusted by an ever-growing client base seeking the most comprehensive risk mitigation solutions. Drawing on international expertise and decades of counter-terrorism and law enforcement expertise, Security Surveillance Solutions provides high quality personalised response, consulting and training services to private and public sectors. Working with you, we build solutions, create training programmes and respond proactively to target your specific needs.

In an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world, company executives and their workforce are exposed to escalating levels of risk. Are you doing enough to protect them? Your business has a duty of care and a commensurate liability at law to provide adequately for the protection of staff and, with the assistance of Security Surveillance Solutions, you can meet these requirements.

Whether your business operations be on land, water or in the air, our in-house capabilities and those of our readily accessible associates combine to form a powerful source of: Oil and Gas Security, Aviation Security, Maritime Security, Technical Security, IT Security, Reputation and Privacy Protection, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, Investigations, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Residential Security, Protection Services, Protective Surveillance, and comprehensive bespoke Travel and Personal Security Training.

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