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Risk Management

Risk Management

Tailored to meet clients’ individual requirements, our services are delivered through a network of national and international former Government security service and law enforcement officers, together with Special Forces operatives. We take the utmost care in selecting our staff as they are both our greatest asset and ambassadors for the services we offer. We insist not only on high levels of skill, experience, professionalism and dedication, but also on total integrity and discretion.

The core services that we provide to help you identify and to manage risk include:

  • • Aviation and Maritime Security Consultancy:

     unbiased, objective and impartial advice that is right for you and your business
  • • Physical Security:

     a blend of good housekeeping, CCTV, intruder alarms and lighting that deter as well as detect
  • • Information Security:

     protecting information, whether it is held electronically or by other means
  • • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures:

     detecting the presence of electronic surveillance equipment
  • • Investigations:

     comprehensive service for the legal profession, commerce, industry and private individuals
  • • Surveillance:

     intelligence gathering in support of investigations or to mitigate business and reputational threats
  • • Counter-Surveillance:

     covert recognition of surveillance to mitigate security and reputational threats
  • • Residential Security:

     discrete protection of assets through the use of covert operatives and technical means
  • • Close Protection:

     overt yet subtle protection of people
  • • Protective Surveillance:

     covert security of people where close protection is not appropriate
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