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Travel and Personal Security Training

Travel and Personal Security Training

This one-day or two-day, intermediate level, in person instructor-led training is designed to mitigate against criminal and terrorist methodology.

Personal and travel security training is an important part of any travel risk management process to educate the travellers in the risks they might face, how to mitigate them before travel, how to behave on the ground to reduce their likelihood, and how to respond if something unexpected should happen.

The benefit of implementing this training program is clear: it can empower the employee to keep themselves safe, while the organisation backs them with policies, procedures and a travel support structure.

Training Modules Include:

  • > Personal Security
  • > Travel Security
  • > Foot and Mobile Anti-Surveillance
  • > Firearm and Edged Weapon Attack
  • > Motoring Security
  • > Kidnap Prevention and Hostage Survival
  • > Preparing and Coping in a Crisis
  • > Foot Anti-Surveillance Practical
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