Advanced Surveillance Detection Course

Every successful criminal, terrorist and activist act has been preceded by extensive hostile surveillance.  The common denominator of all different potential threats, whether from criminals, terrorists, lone actors, activists or the mentally disturbed, is that all those planning an operation monitor their targets in advance.

Surveillance detection pre-empts danger.  It provides crucial personal and organisation early warnings together with a threat and risk mitigation opportunity.  Detection affords one of the few security measures that allows for threats to be dealt with before they can develop into a criminal, terrorist, activist, reputational or privacy associated situation.

Paradoxically, hostile surveillance detection still has not become a fully integrated part of security efforts for many organisations, despite law enforcement globally accentuating its significance.  Invariably, this leads to critical targeting indicators being squandered often with fatal consequences and/or a detrimental impact on an organisation’s or individual’s reputation and privacy.

Our five-day, advanced level, instructor-led training is designed to equip participants with the framework to implement the fundamentals of an effective surveillance mitigation program, whether directed at a facility, asset, planned/unplanned event, principal or themselves. Training focuses on denying information gathering while affording early warning of targeting by detecting the indicators associated with hostile surveillance.  Advice is afforded on negating hostile information gathering while encouraging assailants to discount a site or individual at the initial target selection phase, or at least prime them to be anxious about being unable to meet their objective.