Protected Environment Surveillance Detection Course

The preparation for a lone actor/terrorist attack, criminal and activist action leaves behind clues which a professionally trained observer in hostile surveillance detection can pick up on to provide crucial early warning and threat and risk mitigation.  However, more often than not, security personnel and individuals at greater risk have received no formal training in hostile surveillance recognition, despite law enforcement globally accentuating its significance.  Invariably, this leads to critical targeting indicators being squandered often with fatal consequences and/or a detrimental impact on an organisation’s or individual’s privacy and reputation.

While an entity may face a range of diverse threats with different attack scenarios, there are likely to be commonalities in information requirements across these.  Therefore, measures put in place to disrupt hostile surveillance can be effective over a wide variety of threats.

Our one-day, accredited, intermediate level, instructor-led training provides fundamental knowledge to recognise hostile surveillance at facilities, residences and at planned/unplanned events and to respond appropriately. Training focuses on denying information gathering while affording early warning of targeting by detecting the indicators associated with hostile surveillance. 

Guidance is provided on actions participants can take to encourage assailants to discount a facility, residents, estate, asset or individual… at the initial target selection phase, or at least prime them to be anxious about being unable to meet their objective. 

Detection buys time for threats to be mitigated early.  Detection affords one of the few security measures that allows for threats to be dealt with before they can develop into a criminal, terrorist, activist, reputational or privacy associated situation.