Counter Surveillance

How safe are you today? Is anyone watching what you are doing or listening to what you are saying? Is anyone taking an unusual amount of interest in your activities and conversations? In other words, are you under surveillance? If so, you need counter-surveillance.

Counter-surveillance is an art: it is a combination of many skills, gained over many years of practice, to seamlessly protect an individual’s or organisation’s security, reputation and privacy in everyday life, on the street. It is a game changer, when relationships, meetings, events or business dealings need to be kept strictly confidential and out of the public domain. We have these skills and they are available to you. Accompanied by investigation and analysis, counter surveillance simply is the best tool you will ever have.

While you, your family or organisation may face a range of diverse threats, there are likely to be commonalities in information requirements across these. Therefore, measures put in place to disrupt surveillance can be effective over a wide variety of threats.

Our capacity to take care of you, your reputation, privacy, and your security is second to none. We have a careful mix of ex-military, law enforcement and Security Service (MI5) operatives, all equipped with tried and tested solutions together with modern technological solutions. This is a formidable resource that will provide you with whatever it takes to meet your wellbeing needs. We will help you understand what these are. We will ensure your destination is secure to go to, we will get you there discreetly and safely, and enable you to feel comfortable after arrival.

Working together with you, your family and your advisers, we will create a bespoke series of measures that will significantly extend your comfort zone, leaving you to concentrate on your business and on your life. These measures are designed to defeat any threat before it has the opportunity to impact adversely on you. Our operatives are people of the highest integrity, loyalty and discretion and, as our client, you will benefit directly.

Whilst there can never be absolute security, reputation and privacy protection, the bar can be raised so high that most attempts to cause harm, disruptive action, impact privacy or reputation WILL fail, no matter where the threat or risk comes from. Our counter surveillance is invisible to the untrained eye. Therefore, our activities will not affect you, other than to make you more comfortable in your daily life. A long term relationship with us will add significantly to your life, in so many ways.