Peace of Mind… Reputation & Privacy Protection

Relationships, meetings, events or business dealings frequently need to be kept strictly confidential and away from prying eyes.  It is vital, therefore, that any form of surveillance is detected and it is sensible to assume that other people are always interested in you and your family and children.  The protection of reputation, privacy and your physical security are paramount and need to be dovetailed seamlessly.

In the same way, cyber relationships, reputation and crisis monitoring is essential but that must be supported by discreet security against physical dangers.  Too often we see great efforts to monitor threats online whilst those on the ground are overlooked. 

Similarly, all organisations have crucial information which is key to the success of their business.  The same applies to the private lives of high net worth individuals, business leaders, celebrities, their spouses, partners and children. Personal and business information is vulnerable and valuable and must be protected.

This information is often exposed at meetings and by insecure telephone calls from home, on the road, in the air or at sea.  Homes, vehicles, limousines, private aircraft and yachts are prime targets for espionage as they are often less secure than offices; they are always an enticing target for the eavesdropper.  In the same way, personal, physical security is also at risk if adversaries are tracking vehicle movement for the purposes of planning an attack or a kidnap.  To help to protect against all these threats, professional counter-eavesdropping sweeps and communications encryption are critical.

Whilst there can never be absolute reputation, privacy and security protection the bar can be raised so high that most attempts to impact reputation and privacy or cause harm or disruptive action, will fail, no matter where the threat or risk comes from.  Our counter-surveillance and protective surveillance is invisible to the untrained eye.  Therefore, our activities will not affect you, other than to make you more comfortable in your daily life.  A long term relationship with us will add significantly to your life, in so many ways.