Peace of Mind… Security

As an individual’s success, responsibility and wealth grow so does their profile.  And, with an increased profile comes a higher level of concern for the safety of themselves, their loved ones, their reputation and their privacy.  This means greater emphasis on security, but it’s too easy to rely too much on a single, protective layer.

For security to work effectively, there must be just the right balance between people, procedures, technology and physical security.  Too often, clients invest too deeply in just one element of security whilst a harmonious combination of all these aspects will not only be more efficient, it will also be cheaper.

In our experience, technology is relied on too much, with little consideration for the other three legs of a balanced solution.  Standard alarm systems, for example, can be a general deterrent, but they do little to hinder a really determined criminal.  Similarly, a sophisticated alarm system that is not supported by well-trained personnel employing trusted operating procedures is questionable.  If an emergency response takes 10 minutes or more, there is plenty of time for a villain to enter, commit his crime and make his escape unhindered.

Similarly, high-definition CCTV cameras might record excellent images of masked intruders, but they won’t stop the crime if no one is watching the monitor and prepared to react and intervene vigorously.  But, careful coordination of all four elements creates security that is both effective and blended with the way that families want to live their lives.

Threats to you, your company and your assets may come from all sorts of directions.  If these attacks are successful, there won’t just be significant financial loss, there could be physical harm, damage to reputation and loss of confidence in your business. Whilst the initial response is your responsibility (unless you employ our services), you can be much better prepared and poised by training that has been specifically tailored to your needs.  

These preparations then need to be supported by a wide variety of security resources including physical surveillance detection, delivered by our discreet, capable and experienced operatives.  Surveillance detection affords one of the few security measures that allows for threats to be dealt with before they can develop into a criminal, terrorist, activist, reputational or privacy associated situation.