Protective Surveillance

In certain situations, an overt security presence can be regarded as undesirable.  Protective surveillance is a method of covert security which satellites around a principal and can be utilised for the following reasons:

  • Early warning and identification of pre-attack surveillance.
  • Maintenance of normality for family and children.
  • Minimising the impact of security upon the Principal(s) lifestyle(s).


  • An adaptive and observant security screen provided by experienced surveillance operators stands a much better chance of identifying any potential threat before it manifests itself.  This provides for a greater degree of protection by allowing the team to act upon a threat rather than react to it after the fact.
  • Protective surveillance has the potential to lead to better client relations and the maintenance of long-term operations.  Often principals can become frustrated with the constant intrusion of a security team and are quick to stop the protection activities after a short period when the inevitable complacency begins to set in. The covert nature of protective surveillance allows for peace of mind and enhanced privacy, both elements conducive to enhancing operational duration.
  • Due to specific image or lifestyle choices, it may be important for a principal to show that they do not have a security presence.  If the principal is in the public eye, then being seen or photographed with a security team may be detrimental to their image and lead to negative publicity.


  • By the nature of the task, a protective surveillance element will not be in immediate close proximity to their principal.  Therefore, if an issue does materialise then there will be a time delay before the threat can be effectively neutralised.

Note: For maximum security effectiveness then protective surveillance should be utilised alongside a personal protection officer or full close protection team.

At Security Surveillance Solutions our main aim is to provide a protective bubble without intruding on your life.  That said, the nuances surrounding personal protection, are numerous and we do not believe in a one size fits all tactic.  Contact us to learn more about how this surveillance strategy can be implemented for your individual situation.