Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Inspection

Information is power.  All organisations and people have information that has a value and is a key to the success and wellbeing of a business and/or individual.  This information may be a strategy, a pricing module, a personal relationship… 

The level of sophistication of a technical attack will generally be dependent on the attacker’s determination, capability, budget and the opportunity to deploy eavesdropping devices created by weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organisation’s or individual’s security regime. Technical attacks on vehicles are often the prelude to a technical attack on a premises.  Homes and vehicles are generally at considerably more risk of a technical attack as security systems are more easily defeated and where unguarded conversations may take place.

Physical surveillance is worthy of special note as it is frequently underestimated commercially. Individuals who are followed to a sensitive meeting are vulnerable to eavesdropping.  An external meeting, however private it may appear, is vulnerable to an assortment of listening and enhanced optical devices.  Even merely knowing that people have met can afford useful clues in terms of relationships, negotiations, direction… or insight into previously unidentified aspects of someone’s business or private life.

The introduction of unscheduled Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) inspections of the office, home, vehicle, executive jet and yacht must be considered as part of a measured security strategy.  TSCM inspection prior to business-critical meetings and the live monitoring of especially sensitive meetings to detect suspect Radio Frequency transmissions indicating unauthorised eavesdropping activity should also be contemplated.

Whenever you are due to embark on journey leading to a sensitive meeting or activity, whether commercially or privately related, you must consider employing our counter-surveillance service to discreetly identify physical surveillance.  Alternatively, we can deliver bespoke anti-surveillance training to empower you to recognise physical surveillance yourself.

When contacting Security Surveillance Solutions about a TSCM inspection or other sensitive services, please follow these steps:

  • Do not call us from a phone which may be being eavesdropped.
  • Do not call us from a location which may be being eavesdropped.
  • Do not discuss your eavesdropping concerns with anyone while in a location or on a phone which may be being eavesdropped.
  • Do keep knowledge of any intention to arrange a TSCM inspection on a strictly need to know basis.
  • Do call us on +44 7782 257474 from a safe area and safe phone.