Preparing & Coping in a Crisis Presentation

It is a military truism that the best-laid plans do not survive contact with the enemy.  This is compounded if crisis management personnel have no critical training on how to prepare mentally for, and cope effectively with the reality of a life threatening emergency.

Responsible and reputable businesses are continuously addressing a range of threats which, with little or no warning, could disrupt their operations.  In the event of an emergency, your employees, contractors and visitors will naturally look at those responsible for implementing plans and procedures to provide calm and effective leadership, regardless of the circumstances.

If critical staff are not adequately trained to cope with the real life challenges of a crisis, it is likely to impact on decisions and performance as a calamity unfolds.  This lack of forethought could hamper and delay the normalisation process.  It can lead to legal challenges as well as reputational damage.

This accredited presentation can accompany organisational resilience and crisis leadership training or can be delivered as a stand-alone item.  It provides guidance on coping with the mental stresses associated with trauma, dealing with fear, self-help and how to condition the mind to cope in precarious situations, especially when assistance or support is not readily at hand.  Notably, it is based on the speaker’s experiences whilst severely wounded and ‘alone’.

The alternative is to do nothing or rely solely on theory based training and table top exercises.  Leaving it to chance and gambling that critical personnel will cope with the realities and stresses of a crisis, without the vital mental preparation, is unacceptable and delusional.  Table top exercises and/or instructions is one thing.  Implementation in a crisis is quite another.

This talk has complemented numerous training courses, forums and conferences containing elements of crisis management, crisis leadership, personal security, kidnap and ransom or survival in challenging circumstances…  It has been well received by a variety of audiences, including: senior executives, crisis management teams, High-Net Worth individuals, cabin crews, security and facility management personnel, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, UK Special Forces, the Royal Air Force and others.

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes, excluding Q&As.  To meet the needs and requirements of different training, events, audiences… duration can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes, excluding Q&As.